How to Find Costa Rica’s Hidden Gems

25 February, 2019

For seasoned travelers, a trip to Costa Rica offers a versatile vacation destination. Travelers can pursue their personal wellbeing, take time for personal pampering, or embrace the way of life in a different destination. Yet another form of travel that Costa Rica offers is one of adventure and discovery. 

This spirit of open-minded exploration, curiosity, and adventure is one of the many inspirations for Santarena Hotel, which is a gathering place for those who appreciate luxury, but prefer places that feel traveled.

Visit Santarena this Year

Designed to give an immediate sense of place, visitors can utilize Santarena to explore off the beaten path on a trip to Costa Rica.

The Local Perspective

Guidebooks and travel blogs provide baseline starting points to get oriented with the country and understand the destination. However, with 28 national parks and a largely unadulterated coastline, many destinations within Guanacaste aren’t listed in any guidebook or on any website. 

Within Las Catalinas, the 1,000-acre tropical dry forest reserve has trails that continue to change and grow, with new shops and stores constantly adding new life to Town. And in the surrounding area, there are often small but significant changes to an old favorite, or new shops that haven’t quite gained digital traction yet.

This is where the Santarena concierge comes in. Whether it’s a beloved beach with a point break, a tiny café on the edge of a nature preserve, planning a hiking route through the hills, or getting the inside perspective on the best spots for snorkeling and diving in Costa Rica, the team at Santarena can help every step along the way.

Hitting The Road

There’s enough going on in Las Catalinas to plan a trip entirely within Town, and there’s even more to discover in the local area. Costa Rica is a small country, so there are often options just down the road within walking or biking distance, or via the local hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai, the first in Costa Rica. Concierge can help here as well, offering local experiences that often come with full transportation back and forth. Taking an artisan craft into the mangroves, biking the hills of Guanacaste to a hidden waterfall, loading up to catch the waves after dawn, and more all beckon just nearby. 

After all, the entire coastline for miles north and south of Las Catalinas on the Pacific Coast is spotted with stunning hidden beaches and coves that all offer something a little different, like the best black sand beach according to Go Visit Costa Rica. 


Set out to Explore Costa Rica

Discovering Costa Rica is a unique and memorable experience, especially in Guanacaste. Due to the country’s careful preservation of nature, there are numerous small towns, hidden beaches, and local experiences to discover that aren’t in any guidebook or listed on any website. Instead, they’re just waiting to be found, and the Santarena Concierge and local sustainable transport options can help every step along the way. 

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