Salmorejo de Remolacha: Beetroot Bliss With a Twist

09 December, 2019
After a long day at the beach, mountain biking or hiking, dinner is in order at Ponciana restaurant, located just off of Plaza Danta in the heart of beachtown Las Catalinas, at the base of the Santarena Hotel. A refreshing course at this casually elegant restaurant & bar is the beetroot salmorejo....
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Oh, hello - Bienvenidos to Santarena Hotel

14 November, 2019
The Santarena Hotel is a tropically elegant oasis inspired by a palette of people and places, located between two of Costa Rica's loveliest Pacific beaches at the heart of Las Catalinas. This tropical car-free town on the Guanacaste Coast aims to inspire visitors and locals to connect with nature...
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Costa Rica: Nutrition direct from Nature

07 October, 2019
One of the easiest places to visit as a vegan is Costa Rica. The entire country is an ecological paradise for people who enjoy food, no matter their nutritional preferences. It is known for the varied fresh ingredients used in its cuisine while staying true to its sustainable roots, and an...
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Locally-Sourced Ingredients: The Approachability of Costa Rican Cuisine

27 September, 2019
Things grow, and they grow well in Costa Rica. This Central American country represents 5% of the world’s biodiversity within a total land area that only accounts for 0.03% of the total land mass of the world. This means access to nature and its edible offerings, comprising a lush foundation for...
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Copper and Stone -- Guanacaste's New Gourmet Market

06 March, 2019
Town has recently welcomed an exciting new member -- Copper & Stone, a Gourmet Market standing on the main road leading into town, right across from Plaza Central.
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Top 9 Unique Experiences for Costa Rica First-timers

26 February, 2019
The world is full of beautiful countries and tropical nations with options to kick back and unwind. What makes Costa Rica stand out among these destinations is its local ecology and lively and friendly culture. Here is a small taste of what there is to discover in this Central American country.
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Top 5 Experiential Travel Activities in Costa Rica

25 February, 2019
Experiential travel activities are meant to immerse travelers in the local culture, giving them a personal understanding of what makes a destination unique. A progressive approach to tourism, the key principles of experiential travel include authenticity, sustainability, and activity — all with a...
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Exploring Costa Rica’s Unique Cuisine

11 February, 2019
Costa Rica is a place of stunning natural beauty, with a wide variety of microclimates and ecosystems that make it among the world’s centers for smart ecotourism. However, this natural wealth also lends a sense of color and character to another aspect of life in Costa Rica, the dining.
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