Conservation at Work | Native Costa Rican Animals in the Las Catalinas Nature Reserve

10 February, 2020
In early July, motion-activated cameras were placed all across the 1000-acre tropical dry forest reserve at Las Catalinas, with the purpose of tracking native Costa Rican animals that live in the area. This project is part of a partnership with Guanacaste Wildlife Monitoring (GWM), a local...
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The Most Common Costa Rican Birds in Las Catalinas

28 November, 2019
Las Catalinas is home to many species of Costa Rican birds, which include the pericos (parakeets) that make their homes here in dry season, the rabihorcado (frigatebirds) that are often spotted offshore, the grandes kiskadees (great kiskadees) whose bright yellow plumage marks a striking sight, and...
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Diving with Bull Sharks at Islas Murciélago

15 November, 2019
Isla Murciélago is located just off the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, in Guanacaste’s Santa Rosa National Park. This protected marine area is home to much of Guanacaste’s marine life, including many species of ray, an intersection of reef and open ocean fish, and the tortuga golfina (Olive...
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Oh, hello - Bienvenidos to Santarena Hotel

14 November, 2019
The Santarena Hotel is a tropically elegant oasis inspired by a palette of people and places, located between two of Costa Rica's loveliest Pacific beaches at the heart of Las Catalinas. This tropical car-free town on the Guanacaste Coast aims to inspire visitors and locals to connect with nature...
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An Adventure Worth The Ride: Night Mountain Biking in Costa Rica

22 October, 2019
Passionate biker Jason Abernathy from Pura Vida Ride lives on two wheels. A competitive road racer back in his twenties, he now rides a Trek Pro Caliber 9.8 SL cross-country race bike and prefers long gravel rides and the sport of MTB in Costa Rica. Jason is enthusiastic to share his love of the...
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Las Catalinas: A Town In Harmony with Nature

03 October, 2019
A core belief that has helped shaped the town of Las Catalinas in Costa Rica is that towns are best visited, enjoyed, and lived in when they coexist in harmony with nature. Las Catalinas’ style of urban development is inherently better for both nature and the human condition and intrinsically...
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Locally-Sourced Ingredients: The Approachability of Costa Rican Cuisine

27 September, 2019
Things grow, and they grow well in Costa Rica. This Central American country represents 5% of the world’s biodiversity within a total land area that only accounts for 0.03% of the total land mass of the world. This means access to nature and its edible offerings, comprising a lush foundation for...
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A Day Diving in Costa Rica at the Catalinas Islands

06 March, 2019
A day out with ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy and Dive Center presents the opportunity to dive with manta rays, tropical reef fish, and white-tip reef sharks, all as part of a conservation effort to protect their natural habitat in a Community Managed Marine Protected Area. All dives with...
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Top 9 Unique Experiences for Costa Rica First-timers

26 February, 2019
The world is full of beautiful countries and tropical nations with options to kick back and unwind. What makes Costa Rica stand out among these destinations is its local ecology and lively and friendly culture. Here is a small taste of what there is to discover in this Central American country.
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