Santarena's Interior Design | An Interview With Andrina Fonseca

26 February, 2020
The design of the Santarena Hotel underscores the entire experience within the hotel with thoughtful choice of materials, color, furnishings, lighting, and spaces. Andrina Fonseca, founder of D’Aqui Design, was the interior designer of the hotel, and offered an in-depth look at the details and...
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Oh, hello - Bienvenidos to Santarena Hotel

14 November, 2019
The Santarena Hotel is a tropically elegant oasis inspired by a palette of people and places, located between two of Costa Rica's loveliest Pacific beaches at the heart of Las Catalinas. This tropical car-free town on the Guanacaste Coast aims to inspire visitors and locals to connect with nature...
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The Doors at Santarena

09 October, 2019
When towns are built to be walkable and to the scale of people, they change fundamentally. Brought within sight and touch to passersby, pedestrian street-facing facades in walkable towns allow for thoughtful detail and design so that simple elements like doors add character to the street. Shops,...
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A Place for People -- The Santarena Vision

18 April, 2019
The arrival of Santarena Hotel in Las Catalinas, in the Guanacaste region, marked a new vision of life in the walkable beach town. This elegant urban hotel in Costa Rica located just a few steps from the sands of Playa Danta. Bringing a unique presence to downtown, the Santarena has become a...
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The Santarena Design Perspective

06 March, 2019
The origin of Santarena Hotel is a vision of something special, even within the walkable beach town of Las Catalinas. In many ways, the hotel feels like the “living room of town,” where guests feel welcomed like they want to be there. Santarena has a noble spirit, that of an old soul in the heart...
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The Costa Rican Architectural Tradition

12 February, 2019
Looking around an average Costa Rican neighborhood, you’ll notice the country looks different from its fellow Central American nations. In fact, within each region and even within a few city blocks it’s possible to see a range of styles that traverse time and architectural traditions.
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